ery professional outdoor sports fabric ACG shoes also has a “GORE-TEX” fabric, conspicuous in th

Manufacturers, winter outdoor sports wear this type of shoe, you can afford to breathable warmth, but waterproof effect. 4, “GORE-TEX” addition can be used to make shoes, fabrics for jackets and trousers, is a very professional outdoor sports fabric ACG shoes also has a “GORE-TEX” fabric, conspicuous in the shoes will have labels. ) 5, ACG shoes also have used “GORE-T
Functional shoe. 6, of course, “ACG” now represents not only the significance of its own, also refers to a special material and Nike sports equipment in this category. Nike ACG shoes is my outdoor shoes of great concern, is ideal for people who love outdoor sports in the winter. If you like Nike sneakers, a sports  adidas aps og uk   field exchange. Movement magnetic field online shopping mall/2 010-09-08 adidas sneakers is I most like a brand, regardless of is it of technology components also is design ideas are let I for its fascinated, so on adidas sneakers has has must of underst  adidas zx flux anding, following I on to everyone said said adidas in function sex commercial of design ideas, wants to learning of friends together see’s adidas sneakers function sex design ideas: a, and sucking earthquake effect: 1, and refers to soles absorption feet Department with to Shi produced
Effect of impact shocks. Cushion PU, MD, EVA has shockproof function, especially air cushion for the widely valued. 2, when the foot during the impact on human force of the foot on the ground is usually the body’s 2-3 times, especially when the bounce can be up to 10 times, and good shock-absorbing device can reduce that impact; 3, PU cushion shell filled with a certain pressure of gas, when the landing of the foot, it can disperse impact by deformation in order to achieve a damping effect. And avoid excessive vibration damage. Second, the torsion system: 1 turn-back, side-shift, sports steering, vary in different parts of the foot to turn in different directions, high-risk sports sprains. 2, in the inner side of the foot arch and parts with high density material, such as installation of previous devices to prevent movement when the feet inward excessively flip shoes. 4, but

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